Perfect Foot

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This was Manteca's 6th album and it’s title comes from a wonderful tune written by the late great Rick Tait. The title comes from Rick observing the wonderful artist musician Mendelson Joe in performance. Mr. Joe, who is a dear friend of the band and writes to us with his very articulate opinions on many matters, stomps his foot when he plays. Look he doesn’t tap his foot he freakin’ stomps got that? Observing this led Rick to think; “some people have perfect pitch, some people have perfect time, some people have perfect foot.” I think of the song Perfect Foot as what I call a “heavy metal hoe down”. It is a song that has stood the test of time, as a testament to that, it is the song that fills that most coveted spot in this year’s show line up… in the case of that cultural emergency better known as an encore we play Perfect Foot. Rick, this one’s for you brother, we miss you everyday.


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