JLo plays with Manteca

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Manteca: Jason Logue

JLo plays with Manteca Nov. 10th. Yep, that’s right JLo, Jason Logue on Trumpet and Flugelhorn. And while he does not have 154 million Twitter followers like @Jlo, he does burn a right soulful solo, time and time again. I won’t say it looks easy, because when you watch Jason blowing, he is so concentrated and so serene, so inside the path he is on, always melodic and then full of piss and vinegar and then melodic again, to me his solo’s just feel honest. He also makes his debut as a Manteca composer on The Twelfth of Never with his wonderful tune Five Alive, which Jaymz B has advised us to do a dance mix on. It’s in 5/4 which makes it perfect for the Mensa Disco.

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