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After thirty-seven years, the jazz world collective Manteca continues to be a force of joyous sonic invention.

On September 23, 2016 the Juno Award winners deliver their 12th CD, The Twelfth of Never. Eight original compositions, recorded at Revolution Recording in Toronto over four days in February with acclaimed engineer Jeff Wolpert.

With longevity comes a certain, “I yam what I yam,” creative defiance, an aural refusal to conform. When music critic Peter Goddard of the Toronto Star wrote about the group’s 11th recording, he called the work “gut grabbing innovation.” Oh yeah, we’ll take that !

After attending a pre-release listening session, Laurie Brown, host of the CBC Radio show The Signal remarked, “There’s a seismic emotional shift in the music. Cinematic and introspective, the atmosphere is moody and mysterious…the playing is exceptional and the sound is remarkable.”

The Twelfth of Never is by turns tender and cutting, both in your face and in your arms.

September 23, 2016…nope, not done yet.




Hu Xi met at the Party

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In honour of the fact that we are  in China screening the film Zimbelism  here is a satirical piece i wrote in 2013 when Xi Jinping became China’s new president.

Hu Xi met at the Party

This past Thursday in Bejing at the 18th national  congress of the People’s Republic of China, the party selected a new leader. The out going president Hu Jintao  pronounced (who-gin-toa), delivered a one and half hour speech in the Great Hall of the People in which Hu (pronounced “who”) focused on the importance of  eradicating corruption.  Party delegates clapped enthusiastically, as did the president who (pronounced Hu) can be seen in news footage auto clapping to the rousing lines of his own speech.

The new president, who will take office in March, is the current vice president Xi Jinping pronounced (she-gin-ping).

We take you now to a conversation  between two mid level bureaucrats at the cafeteria in the State Department (pronounced Foggy Bottom)  in Washington, DC.

So, who’s the new president of China?

No, Hu’s the old president of China.

Oh, who’s the new president of China?

No, I just told you, Hu’s the old president of China.

Yes I know who the old president of China is.  What I want to know is who is the new president.

You’re not listening.  Hu is the old president of China,  Xi is the new president of  China.

I can’t believe it, the Chinese appointed a woman as paramount leader of the republic?

Who are you talking about, Xi?

Yeah the woman leader.

Who is the woman leader?

I’m not talking about Hu, I’m talking about Xi…the woman leader.

Xi is not a woman.

Well then what is Xi.

Xi is the vice president.

Well that doesn’t mean Xi is not a she.

Who are you talking about?

I’m talking about the person who will become president.

I thought you just said Hu was no longer president.

Yes, that’s what I said.

No you didn’t.  You just said Hu will become president.

Ok to be clear …Xi is the new president, who will take over in March.

Oh I see, kind of like a Putin  / Medvedev accelerated commie switcheroo.

Xi is the new president Hu will take over again in March. Got it.

No, you don’t. Xi is the new president elect who will take over in March.

Check please





Manteca has been a pan cultural mash up since it started in Toronto in 1979. Drawing on musical influences throughout the America’s, this nine member artist’s collective has been an international innovator at creating original music composed and arranged using the roots of world, jazz, and orchestral music. The Globe and Mail has called Manteca’s music, “Utopian, where everything is in balance.” The Toronto Star said Manteca’s 11th recording (2013), “Monday Night at the Mensa Disco” was a work of “gut grabbing innovation”. In the group’s 36 year history they have been Canada’s musical ambassadors, touring the world with an explosive high energy show full of joy and exhilarating musicianship. Manteca has shared stages at the world’s most prestigious festivals from the Hollywood Bowl to the North Sea Jazz Festival with Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Weather Report and Van Morrison.

Melodic, powerful and fresh, their approach is at once joyous and muscular. With melodies often helmed by instruments considered off the beaten path of jazz such as bass clarinet and alto flute, the tracks are under pinned by skin on skin deep grooves of hand drums and grounded by kit, acoustic piano and bass.

Manteca has been a finalist for the Juno Awards 4 times and won the Juno for best instrumental once. The band’s extensive archives have been collected by the National Library of Canada and their recordings have been released around the world, with numerous releases in the Unites States, Germany, South Africa and Asia.


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